Evolve at GITEX

–> Misoft Systems rebranded in 2012 to Accesa | Manage Technological Change.

misoft  announces  at GITEX the new brand name for Mediacore CRM: Evolve

Cluj-Napoca – October 2010.  During one of the world’s top information and communication technology events in the world, GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK, we made public the new brand name for our CRM application – Evolve.

The announcement comes months after the unveiling of a new enterprise management-marketing release with an updated BI  (Business Intelligence) component. In addition to that, we choose to rebrand our business solutions range under a different name which is believed that will give partners an important marketing edge. Paul Hrimiuc, business solution consultant at misoft, said “the brand created was intended to be meaningful and high-quality so that users experience should be enhanced and Evolve would establish a clear, distinct style and personality among other business solutions”.

The rebranding was undertaken largely in response to customer demand. We’ve been known for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, but this is just a small part of what we are offering to our clients at this moment. Therefore we wanted to send this message to the market and emphasize also on operational aspects and business intelligence side of the application. Nevertheless, the key elements as customer loyalty, targeted marketing campaigns and sales monitoring continue to be the focal point of our software platform, Paul H added.

We are now working with partners and customers to familiarise them with the brand  vision and personality. For this reason, a new website has been published to reflect the new branding initiative. On a longer term, the Evolve name is estimated to work out better for everyone. We as well as other companies are interested in developing and progressing. As our mission is to make available robust and reliable business solutions to customers, we chose a name that will show we cherish the same ideals and beliefs as our clients do, Iulian Iuga, accesa managing director mentioned.


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